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"Few books have had as great an impact on how humans think of our fellow creatures as Pourasgari's "The American Outsider." Intense and electrifying, she delivers a wild ride of crime and adventure...With its strong and thought-provoking themes, Homa Pourasgari has written a captivating yarn that is rapt and fast-paced, with sentences that feel like carved basalt: sharpened and lustrous honed." –Lily Andrews, ReaderViews

“THE AMERICAN OUTSIDER powerfully conveys the depth of the author Homa Pourasgari's concern for animal welfare while delivering a touching, finely crafted tale of love and adventure that brims over with heart.” –Edward Sung, IndieReader

“The novel spins a compelling voice of protest and change during which one woman learns she can make a difference. Readers will relish Tessa's journey as she steps into a role she'd never imagined being in. The result is a vibrant story that is highly recommended for its review of obsessions, relationships, and struggles with panic attacks and love.” –D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, MidwestBookReview

“A charming read with characters who come to life on the page. Pourasgari retains the interest of the reader till the end weaving Tessa’s activism and her reluctant love for Toshiro into an interesting narrative.” –BookLife Reviews

"Pourasgari presents a multifaceted novel that is as much about travel and culture clashes as it is an unexpected story of a relationship, with a protagonist who brings a refreshingly seasoned perspective to the proceedings. As a veterinarian, Tessa’s concern for animals is convincing and heartfelt…An often appealing, well-informed novel about cultural differences and animal rights." –Kirkus


“Pourasgari based the novel in part on her own travels in Japan, and this authenticity bursts through the page...The American Outsider has much to offer readers.” –BlueInk Review

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