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Dolphins are mistreated everywhere in the world and not just in Japan. And as long as we buy tickets to venues that use dolphins as a source of entertainment, we are contributing to their abuse. You may even think that there is no way that dolphins are abused in United States, but they are. The difference between United States and other countries such as Japan, Denmark and Iceland is that the U.S has stricter laws.

Even so, here is the most recent abuse in United States reported by Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project on October 24, 2022: Dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium’s Dolphin Harbor were given very little food so that they would be forced to perform for a small piece of  dead fish. According to Dolphin project, the dolphins were emaciated and wasting away. These cetaceans were harmed so badly that they began to show aggressive behaviors. Read more at Dolphin project

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