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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Tessa Walker, and I'm a fictional Character in Homa Pourasgari's upcoming novel, The American Outsider. Homa advises me all the time, but I have a mind of own. I'm the one who decides how the story should unfold. I know that being stubborn isn't always smart, and that's probably why I get into a whole lot of trouble when I go and visit my activist friends in Japan. What can I say, I'm passionate about dolphins, and I try to save as many as I can. Once you read my story, I don't think you would want to buy another ticket to go and see dolphin shows.


Anyhow, when my airplane lands in Tokyo, I'm completely focused on helping my favorite mammals. But you see, I meet this guy, and things get complicated. I don't think I should tell you more about what happens. I don't want Homa mad at me for giving away the plot. But do scroll through this website, and watch the trailer. Oh, and don’t forget to explore my sister books.

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